Marions Kitchen Cooking Kit, Thai Green Curry

All natural. Gluten free. Serves 4. You get good stuff in this pack: green curry paste + coconut milk + dried herbs & chilies + bamboo shoots. All you need to add is: 1-1/2 lb meat or seafood + 1 cup vegetables. 4 steps. Serves 4. Ready in 20 minutes. Mild or hot you choose. Facebook: Find us at or check out more recipes on our website and free app. Easy to cook. Restaurant quality. Cooking at home is my passion. I've gathered together the perfect balance of high quality ingredients, used my traditional recipes and popped everything into this little box. The spicy fragrance of a green curry takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel like I'm getting a big hug from my Thai mother. - Marion, X. Recyclable carton. May not be recyclable in your area. Product of Thailand.