Fishers Rewards

$1 spent earns 5 points

Your dollar goes further at Fishers! Earn 5 rewards points for every dollar you spend in store OR online! More points means more rewards. See what you can spend those points on below! Check your rewards point balance here

Redeem Points for Cash

You can use your rewards points to get $$ off your purchase! Decide how you would like to redeem your earned points simply through checking out at the register and choosing a Reward on the Rewards touch screen.

Fishers to go logo

Fishers to Go

Earn while shopping online!

Fishers offers both curbside grocery pick-up and grocery delivery with Fishers to Go and Door Dash! Simply add your rewards card to your Fishers to Go account and order online here on our website.  You get the same prices as in store and earn the same amount of rewards points. You can even clip and use digital coupons while shopping online.

Digital Coupons

Save even more when shopping at Fishers Foods by using digital coupons! Browse hundreds of coupons online, clip them and save them to your card, and redeem when you check out in store OR online!

Frequently Asked Questions