Fishers Rewards

$1 spent earns 5 points

Your dollar goes further at Fishers! Earn 5 rewards points for every dollar you spend in store OR online! More points means more rewards. See what you can spend those points on below!

Double Points

Every week there are products that earn you DOUBLE POINTS. Be on the lookout for our 2x Rewards Points stamp on products in our weekly ad! More points means more rewards!

Redeem Points for Cash or Products

You can use your rewards points to get $$ off your purchase or to get free products! We have new free products every single month! Decide how you would like to redeem your earned points simply through checking out at the register and letting the clerk know what you would like. Scroll down to see this month's free items. Did you know? You can now redeem cash rewards using the button to the left and clipping them like digital coupons!

Fishers to Go

Earn while shopping online!

Fishers offers both curbside grocery pick-up and grocery delivery with Fishers to Go and Door Dash! Simply add your rewards card to your Fishers to Go account and order online here on our website.  You get the same prices as in store and earn the same amount of rewards points. You can even clip and use digital coupons while shopping online.

Fishers to go logo

Digital Coupons

Save even more when shopping at Fishers Foods by using digital coupons! Browse hundreds of coupons online, clip them and save them to your card, and redeem when you check out in store OR online! Don't have your card in store? Just give the clerk your phone number and they can redeem the coupons for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the customer service desk at any Fishers Foods location and sign up today!

Rewards points can be earned on everything except Fishers gift cards, lottery, charitable donations, money orders, stamps, alcohol, tobacco, and Fishers Optical items reimbursed via insurance.

Yes, all Fishers Rewards points earned will expire after 180 days on a rolling, by day basis.

Yes! You earn 5 points for every $1 you spend on items for Curbside Pick-Up or delivery through Door Dash.  Have questions about Fishers to Go? Learn more here.

Visit!/reward to view your current point balance. If you are signed up for Fishers Foods weekly ad emails, you will see your point total at the bottom of your email every Wednesday as well as your expiring points!  You can also call or stop by the customer service desk at any Fishers location and ask!

Click here to check out our coupon policy for print and digital coupons.

Yes! You can redeem points for cash with Fishers to Go by Clicking here to 'Clip' an offer to your account. Any Clipped reward will automatically be applied to your next order.