Unique Snacks Pretzel Shells, Organic, Original, Sprouted 8 oz

Unique® Original Sea Salt Sprouted Pretzel "Shells"®. Since 1921. The original hallow pretzel. 100% Whole grain wheat pretzel. Diabetic and digestive friendly. Made with extra virgin olive oil. Per 30g serving: 110 Calories. 0g Saturated fat. 27g Whole grain. 3g Fiber and protein. More flavor. Fewer ingredients. Smarter baking. Net Wt 8 oz (226 g). What makes you unique Is it your winning smile, your funky wardrobe, your unicycle skills or your insane love for delicious snacks You're holding a truly special snacking experience made just for people like you... Unique Sprouted Pretzel "Shells," made from 100% whole grain sprouted wheat flour, baked using a deliciously popular family recipe that dates back to the late 1800s! Famous for our tasty, crunchy, split-open pretzels that we call "Splits," the Spannuth family has been baking in Pennsylvania - the heart of pretzel country-for six generations. Unique "Splits" are super-tasty pretzels that pack a serious crunch. 100% Deliciousness! Unique "Shells" are completely different creation in the pretzel universe-bite-size hollow pockets of crispy outside pretzel goodness! Unique "Shells" deliver best part of the pretzel-the tasty outside pretzel shell-but beware, they're addictive! What is "Sprouted Grain Flour" Essential eating®'s authentic process duplicates nature's balance of sunshine and rain to sprout the whole grains into plants, so that your body can digest the flour as vegetables- not as dried seeds or starches! Unique Sprouted whole grains "Shells" are: A good source of fiber. Cholesterol free. Lactose free. Vegan. No: Sugars, artificial colors, flavors, malts, trans fat, preservatives or additives.. Just all-natural, quality-baked goodness! Authentically sprouted flours. Essential eating. 100% Whole grain. www.essentialeating.com. Note: Nutrition facts do not indicate how a particular food is digested by the body. Commonly used unsprouted whole grain flours are starches that require pancreatic enzymes to digest. Properly sprouted flour made from sprouted whole grains is classified as a vegetable by the USDA. Sprouted whole grain flour is easier to digest and the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body, as pancreatic enzymes are not required. 100% Whole Grain - 25g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. All rights reserved. P: (610) 929-3172. We ship anythere! Order online at: www.uniquepretzels.com. © Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc.