Environment friendly products. Quality with integrity. A little goes a long way. Powerful plant formula. No phosphates, no chlorine. Biodegradable. Hypoallergenic. Why Use If You Care Natural Dish Liquid? Our Natural Dish Liquid contains potent plant cleaning agents. You only need a little, it is very concentrated. Our formula is biodegradable, non-toxic, has minimal impact on aquatic life, contains no phosphates and no chlorine. And yet it cuts through grease and easily removes the toughest food stains on your pots and pans, while being gentle on your hands and skin. Product Lifecycle: Materials: Dish Liquid: plant ingredients; no phosphates; no chlorine. Bottle: made with at least 20% recycled plastic; recyclable. Environmental Benefits: non toxic; biodegradable; minimal impact on aquatic life; septic tank and grey water safe; no phosphates; no chlorine; not tested on animals. Usage: one small squirt goes a long way; apply directly to sponge or in sink; cuts grease and is effective on tough pots and pans; gentle on hands and skin. Disposal: Detergent: biodegradable with minimal impact on aquatic life. Bottle: recyclable and should be recycled with household recyclables. Please recycle this bottle. For more information about If You Care visit Product of Sweden.