Plum Organics® Stage 3 Barley, Kale & Spinach + Basil Organic Baby Food 4 oz. Pouch

USDA Organic. 3 g of protein. Super greens for super palates. Baby's palate is in for a pleasant surprise. Because now, yum comes in the color green - super green! This pouch is packed full of spinach, kale, barley, and even a hint of basil. Squeeze away, baby. Plum Philosophy: Inspire a lifetime of healthy eating by training taste buds from the get-go. Nutrition: 3 g protein, 2 g fiber, & 130% DV Vitamin A. 3 Stage: Complex flavors & hearty textures - ages 6 mos & up. Palate: Palate pleasing herbs to train tiny taste buds. Promise: Certified organic, no genetically modified ingredients. BPA-free packaging. Certified Organic by Oregon Tilth.