Coexist Coffee, Whole Bean, Espresso Roast

Creamy, chocolate covered berry, toffee, fudge, red licorice. Single Origin: Heirloom Ugandan arabica. High Grown: 14,177 ft, Mt. Elgon. Every sip changes the world. Non GMO Project verified. Delicious, direct trade & good. Coexist Coffee is grown by communities that have come together to overcome conflict. We partner directly with farmers to ensure the people receiving the greatest benefit from Coexist products are the ones creating them. Profits are used to improve access to education for children in divided communities, creating a stronger, more inclusive society. Your sip supports people working and learning together to build a more peaceful world for us all. To learn more, visit Go Beyond the Bumper Sticker: The Coexist Campaign is designed to create opportunities for people to work and learn together. When you buy a bag of coffee, or any other Coexist product, you are helping increase understanding and reduce conflict in divided communities around the world. Go beyond the bumper sticker.