Fat & Juicy Bloody Mary Mix

Extra-high grade, fully-loaded flavor. Don't hate us for being tastier! Vine-ripened boldness in every sip. How We Got So Fat & Juicy - You can't deny that there's something righteous about a recipe conceived by band mates in the back of a 15-passenger van - it's clearly road tested and tailgate approved. Fat & Juicy is party-read for an extra high-grade bloody mary anywhere, anytime - just sayin'. From fat and juicy tomatoes to our signature hint of smoky heat, fresh horseradish, celery and garlic - you best prepare yourself! Whether morning or afternoon - or really - whenever, go ahead, make it Fat & Juicy! - Joe Good, III and John Glenn, III Partners, F&J, LLC. www.fatandjuicymix.com. Gluten free. Shareoursuzy.org