Wild Turkey Bourbon, 375ml

Wild Turkey® Bourbon is a smooth, full-bodied staple, crafted by the distinguished Master Distiller Eddie Russell, in the heart of Kentucky. The 40-year whiskey veteran introduced the 81-proof, high-quality bourbon into the Wild Turkey family, making it part of his ongoing legacy. Aged in American white oak barrels coated in the deepest char, Wild Turkey® Bourbon is a bold, unforgettable spirit. Its sweet vanilla aroma and distinctive spiciness make it a rich, textured Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey that can be sipped straight or in a cocktail. The best things in life are simple. Take a Whiskey Ginger — this easy-going mixed drink is a solid choice for any occasion, whether you’re sidling up to your favorite neighborhood bar or having a relaxing evening at home. The refreshing cocktail is anchored by the Wild Turkey® Bourbon, which blends nicely with the ginger ale and lemon.