Sergeants Swerve 'N Curveball, Zoink!

Bounces in every direction! Flashes on impact. Easy visibility. Bounce 'em, catch 'em, fetch 'em, roll 'em & throw 'em! Flashing toy is easy for your dog to see. The possibilities for play are endless with our Zoink! Swerve 'N Curveball, a motion activated toy that will amuse your dog. Our ball will blink for 20 seconds on impact so your dog can play with it day or night. The Zoink! Swerve 'N Curveball is great for indoor or outdoor play, and the tough outer shell will make it last so that your dog will enjoy it longer. For the active dog, try this product with our Fetch 'N Fling ball thrower. It holds two of your dog's favorite Zoink! balls. Please remember to choose appropriately sized toys for your pet. Sergeant's is committed to providing high quality products. visit us at Get expert pet care tips from Pet Health Central on Facebook and Twitter:; Made in China.