Chanakara Herbal Tea, Guanabana, Caffeine Free, Filter Bags

Chakra 6. Intuition. Insight. Imagination. Balance. Tune. Energize. Welcome to the realm of Chanakara teas. Whether your path includes yoga, meditation, energy work or any form of personal growth, we invite you to open your mind, body and spirit to the pleasures and benefits of these flavorful all natural blends. The ancient Sanskrit term chakra means wheel and refers to centers of energy in our physical bodies as well as in our consciousness. Each chakra, or hub of energy, is associated with a particular color, element, area of the body and inner state. There are seven major chakras. Each Chanakara blend is designed to balance, tune and energize one of these seven chakras. Discover in each delicious Chanakara tea a pleasant way to honor the interconnection of our bodies, thoughts, actions and emotions. With every cup there is the potential for growth and transcendence. Facebook: Connect with us online. A Tea for Imagination & Insight: Relax and nourish your intuition with this soothing medley of vanilla-scented guanabana fruit, lemongrass and orange. What you know is more than what you think. Make Chanakara your mantra. Namaste. Chakra No. 6: Anja [command]. The Anja chakra is located at the forehead and is associated with the color indigo or purple, light, and psychic perception. Sustainable Forestry Initiative: Certified sourcing. Recyclable.